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Zilch Plus takes the ACAAN number effect, flips it on its head and turns it into a true miracle.

A regular deck of cards is introduced and the spectator shuffles them as much as they like.

Next, the spectator thinks of someone very special to them without saying anything.

They are asked to think of this special person's date of birth, in particular the exact date their birthday falls on, again without saying anything.

(This can be any number between the 1st & 31st.)

The cards, after being shuffled by the spectator, are dealt one at a time, face up into their hands and they are asked to remember the card (only in their mind) that falls at the birth date of their chosen special person.

Once 31 cards are dealt face up into the spectators hands, and the spectator has confirmed they now have a card in mind, the deck is re-assembled and shuffled again.

At this point the spectator is thinking of one playing card. It hasn't been removed from the deck, nothing has been written down and nothing has been said.

A prediction which has been view the whole time is opened by the spectator.

It states that their thought of playing card will be in an exact position in the deck.

They deal the cards to that exact location, and it is their thought of card!

Its a miracle!

If the date they thought of would have been different, the card would be different.

If they had thought of a different person, the card would have also been a different card.


Any Card at a thought of location, known only by the spectator.


PLEASE NOTE: Whilst Zilch Plus does use a regular deck of cards, it does require one use of sleight of hand.

This sleight of hand is taught in the eBook, and whilst not difficult to execute, will require a few days of practice.

Rated 3/10 for difficulty.

You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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